Our Promise

From Our Hearts to Yours

At Taste Catering Café, we love what we do and it shows. Call us old-fashioned, but we are dedicated to bringing integrity back to dining, catering and delivery. We believe in going above and beyond expectations. It is our mission to provide only the highest and best in quality, service and value. We use only farm-fresh, never-frozen, locally grown, seasonal ingredients, supporting local California farmers, and reducing costs to bring you fresh, world-class cuisine at a value which will keep you coming back.


We are committed to bringing you only the freshest ingredients to your table, with no hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics.
• We use only fresh, locally grown, seasonal ingredients to support local farmers and growers, as well as ensuring, fresh ingredients, with less processing and pesticides.
• We only use basic, pure ingredients, like natural sea-salt, whole cracked pepper, and fresh, locally grown herbs.
• We don’t cook with hydrogenated or “trans” fats, we only use heart healthy fats like Extra-Virgin Olive and Canola Oil.
• Preservatives and MSG are not even in our vocabulary.
• We use only fresh, never-frozen, whole fish, which is cleaned and deboned on site.
• We use only free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken.
• Our beef is organic and free of hormones and antibiotics.
• For love our vegetarians too--Our rice and couscous dishes are prepared in vegetable stocks.
• Our chocolate dipped strawberries use only the richest, finest chocolate available.


We take great pride in our cleanliness. We want to serve you fabulous food and keep you safe at the same time. Our chefs and staff are dedicated to keeping a spotless, clean establishment. The kitchen staff must pass a rigorous certification called “ServeSafe” Certification. We are also a teaching facility for this certification.

We are so proud of our cleanliness and food safety that we would love to have you join us for an open tour of our kitchen and facilities.

We value your business and want to make every effort to earn your loyalty. We are flexible and accommodating to any special dietary or catering need. We will respect your requests and provide you with only the highest quality food and service.