Your Business is valued and tracked by Taste Catering

You Spend Receive this % Back Taste Credit
$1,000 - $7,499 1.25% $13 - $94
$7,500 - $12,499 1.5% $113 - $187
$12,500 - $19,499 1.75% $219 - $350
$20,000 and over 2.00% $400 +


How do I earn rewards?
The more you spend, the more Taste Credit you will be rewarded.
How do I enroll?
After your first order you are automatically enrolled.
Does it cost anything to be enrolled?
Nope! The Loyalty Program is 100% free to our customers
How do I know how much Taste Credit I have accumulated?
Feel free to call between the hours of 6:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday to speak to a Taste Representative at (949)215-7373
Can the Taste Credit be applied to the same transaction?
Unfortunately NO. If a customer has no existing credit the initial purchase will not be discounted. (Credits are not applied to same purchase)